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Fathma has a proven track record in social impact measurement and reporting. Experienced with methods including Social Return on Investment, Logical Frameworks and Theory of Change, Fathma prioritises understanding the key indicators needed to determine success and building them into a compelling story.


Fathma has analysed the impact of over 100 social impact initiatives spanning all continents and all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Fathma has previous experience in market research, data collection, qualitative analysis and reporting for both public and private sector institutions.


Social Impact Reporting is dedicated to providing a high quality of service while also leveraging our own potential impact on the wider world through our operations. Embodying the spirit of responsible business, Social Impact Reporting is committed to maximising the social benefit that we can bring about through our work. This means using diverse and sustainable suppliers, donating a minimum of 2.5% of total revenue to charitable causes annually and providing pro-bono support to smaller grassroots organisations to support their growth and ultimately their impact.

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