Social Impact

Social Impact

Strategic Reporting to Maximise Impact

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We specialise in creating clear processes that optimise data collection on key indicators, ensuring that your social impact report highlights the most relevant data in the most accessible way.


Drawing on a range of methodologies, we tailor our approach to each project depending on the nature of the project and the required markers for success.


Collected data is thoroughly examined and categorised into themes before being summarised to draw out key findings


We delve into your communications priorities to really understand the need for reporting, and use this information to highlight the most relevant aspects of your social investments.


Social Impact Reporting can train your staff on how to maintain and further develop newly established impact measurement and reporting processes.

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Cut Through The Noise

Impact measurement can be a messy space. We can help you to understand the best solutions available depending on your reporting requirements.

Need help measuring what matters?

a bespoke measurement framework

With so many different impact measurement platforms and agencies out there it can be difficult to know where to start. Social Impact Reporting will work with you to fully understand your reporting needs and identify the best analytical tools to fulfil these requirements in the most efficient way.

About Social Impact Reporting

craft a compelling impact story

Holistic impact measurement, analysis and reporting services that capture key indicators for business projects.

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How We Work With Clients

The Measurement Process

Meaningful reporting requires deep understanding that is presented succinctly and communicated effectively.


Understanding Your Needs

We work with clients to understand which impacts and outcomes are crucial for success.


Defining An Approach

We establish the optimal way to collect the data you need in line with industry standard.


Measurement & Analysis

Data is collected and analysed against defined criteria to ensure transparency.


Reporting & Communication

Analytical findings are presented in a concise and impactful way for maximum engagement.

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